Whats does COB mean?

2022-07-23 14:00:03

Whats does COB mean?

close of business

We all have seen it – the email from our boss asking for an important piece of information or for a project to be completed by “COB“ or “EOD.” Traditionally in business language, we know COB to mean “close of business” and EOD to mean “end of day.” But, what does each of these really mean today?

What is COB tomorrow mean?

close of business

​close of business (the time when business ends for the day) We need to come to a decision by COB tomorrow.

What is a cob of a company?

The chair of the board (COB) heads the board of directors, provides leadership to the firm's executives and other employees, leads the charge on big-picture decisions, and sets the tone for the corporate culture of the company.

What does COB mean Aussie slang?

(Australia) A pal, buddy, mate, friend; often used in direct address by one male to another. quotations ▼

Why do Aussies say cobber?

Cobber is an Australian and New Zealand word for "mate" or "friend".

What does fair dinkum mean in Australia?

Definition of fair dinkum

slang, Australia. : unquestionably good or genuine : excellent —often used as a general expression of approval these cigars are fair dinkum.

What do they call bathroom in Australia?

'Toilet', or 'bathroom'. Sometimes 'loo' or 'dunny'.

What is a drongo Australian slang?

drongo. A fool, a simpleton, an idiot. There is also a bird called a drongo.

What is a ripper in Australian slang?

Adjective. ripper (not comparable) (Britain, Australia, slang) Very good; excellent; fantastic.

Is Dag a bad word?

Dag is an Australian and New Zealand slang term, also daggy (adjective). In Australia, it is often used as an affectionate insult for someone who is, or is perceived to be, unfashionable, lacking self-consciousness about their appearance and/or with poor social skills yet affable and amusing.

What does Mozzie mean in slang?


noun. Australian and New Zealand an informal name for mosquito.

What do Eshays say?

Eshay Language

Common phrases in their urban slang include illchay, meaning chill or relax; eetswa, meaning sweet or good; and adlay, meaning lad. Other words include ashcay (cash), gronk (an annoying person), and staunching (stealing from someone).

Is eshay Australian?

Eshay (/ˈɛʃeɪ/) is a slang expression associated with an Australian urban youth subculture that originated in Sydney in the mid 2000s; the term can refer to individuals within the subculture, or to the subculture itself, and can have various other meanings in different contexts.

What is adlay?

Definition of adlay

: any of several soft-shelled Job's tears (especially Coix lachryma-Jobi mayuen) cultivated for food and for forage and fodder especially in southeastern Asia, Japan, and the Philippines.

What is eshay Bah?

Teenage Australian chav/gangsta wannabe asswipe. Known for smoking, drinking, stealing, stinking and unprovoked attacks called “staunching”. Can usually be frightened away by a large stick or adult with a loud voice.

How do I know if I am eshay?

An eshay is easily identifiable by the aforementioned TN trainers, worn with polo shirts, puffer jackets, tracksuit pants or baggy shorts and baseball caps. Favoured labels for the fashionable eshay include Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Lacoste, paired with Nautica, Adidas, Under Armour and Ellesse.

Why do eshays use Gatorade bottles?

Eshays use it to highlight their robberies, assaults and drug use." He warned parents to be concerned if their son starts showing interest in designer clothing, particularly dark colours, and if they start using pig Latin.

What is eshay in pig Latin?

A neat example of tribal vernacular, "eshay" is bastardised pig Latin and is remarkably versatile. The singular can mean yes. It can mean cool or excellent. It can denote Lads themselves, or a session of drinking or smoking marijuana. The plural can mean "Run!"

Why do eshays say Eetswa?

'Eetswa' is a term from Pig Latin which is a made up language that uses English words and turns them front and back. Eetswa is mostly used by Eshay lads in Australia. The literal meaning of Eetswa is 'sweet' (also for 'good').

What does Eetswa lad mean?

An eshay (otherwise known as a lad, or for the girls, a lass or lad-ette) is someone who always wears the highest brands of clothing, traditionally Nike, Puma or adidas shoes with a Nautica polo and some kind of hat or cap.

What does Eetswa mean in Australia?

A submission from Australia says the name Eetswa means "It's a eshay term for god" and is of Australian origin. According to a user from Australia, the name Eetswa means "Eshay lads use it mostly in Australia and means 'good'".