What does it mean to have someone pegged?

2022-07-16 09:00:02

What does it mean to have someone pegged?

Definition of have someone pegged

: to understood what kind of person someone is The salesman had me pegged in a matter of minutes.

What is word meaning of Peg?

1 : a small stick or rod (as of wood or metal) used especially to fasten things together or to hang things on. 2 : a piece driven into the ground to mark a boundary or to hold something He pounded in a peg for a tent rope. 3 : a level in approval or esteem The new kid took that bragger down a peg.

What does pegged mean on Tiktok?

Peg All Men

Many women and people who have sex with men have made videos wherein they ask their boyfriends or friends if they would be OK with being pegged.

What is peg talk?

Named in honor of Heartbeat's long-time president—and current board chairman—Peggy Hartshorn, Ph. D., a “PEG Talk” answers a fundamental question: “How can we help better?” Each “PEG Talk” is an 8-10 minute presentation from the main stage of our Conference answering just that question.