What does DOA stand for?

2022-07-24 13:00:03

What does DOA stand for?

dead on arrival

abbreviation. Britannica Dictionary definition of DOA. dead on arrival. ◊ In U.S. English, people who are dead when brought to a hospital are said to be DOA. The patient was DOA.

What does DOA mean in New York?

NY DOA means the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets. “NY DOH” means the New York State Department of Health. Sample 1.

What does DOA mean in rap?

Rap Dictionary

Police term: "dead on arrival".

What does DOA stand for in work?


DOADamaged on Arrival (product shipments)
DOADate of Access
DOADistributed Objects and Applications
DOADate of Assessment (various locations)

What is DOA government?

Welcome to the Department of Administration's website. DOA serves state government by providing business services to other state agencies including accounting, human resources, contracting, facilities, information technology, and insurance. We also regulate many of the state's banks and financial institutions.

What does DOA mean in purchasing?

dead on arrival

On e-commerce websites (specifically auction-based online marketplaces like eBay and eBay alternatives), DOA is an acronym for dead on arrival, meaning an item did not work when received by the buyer.

What is DOA in banking?


What does DOA mean in shipping?

DOA is an abbreviation used to mean dead on arrival, meaning item did not work when received by the buyer. If you receive the miner/part and find it's not working whereas it's under warranty conditions within 30 days from order ship out date, it can be treated as a DOA case.

What is DOA return?

“Dead On Arrival” (DOA) Policy & System.

What is DOA certificate?

– DOA (DEAD ON ARRIVAL) certificate: Needed only if you are returning a Defective Manufacturer warranty product.

What is DOA in warranty?

Dead on Arrival (DOA) In case the items are delivered faulty, or any of them break down within a 30 days of the delivery date, they are considered Dead on Arrival (DOA), except if the defect is caused by the above 4 exceptions.

What is 7 days DOA?

We have a DOA (Defective on Arrival) period of 7 days. This means that if the product you purchased becomes defective within seven days of receipt (and you have filled in the return form within those 7 days), we will replace the item free of charge.